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We're more than pattern makers, we're your fashion dream team. We care about your success and we want to make you the next top fashion designer!

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PatternZilla is an online, digital pattern making company. We pair technology with unparalleled skill to provide customers the most seamless pattern making experience. We are here to help you achieve your dream designs in the least amount of time, of the highest quality, at the most competitive prices.

Either you are a graduating student thinking about starting your own brand, or a designer looking for top-tier level pattern making services. PatternZilla was created to help designers from all walks of life

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Pattern making has never been easier. I particularly admired how they can make everything digitally. Also the team was extremely patient in guiding me through all the steps to ensure the best results.

Helen R.

I was surprised by the quality of the patterns. The pricing is extremely competitive. Excellent customer service.

Vicky Z

PatternZilla helped me make my collection come true. High quality and fast delivery. Outstanding experience!

Matt G

PatternZilla offers such a fast and modern way of service that exceeds all my expectations. Top notch quality and service!

Chiahung Y.

I hate myself for not finding PatternZilla earlier. It pains me to think about how much time & money I've wasted in the past on subpar patterns. Thank you PatternZilla for making my career so much easier!

L. Garcia

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We provide many pre-made patterns for our customers to purchase. Instead of making patterns from scratch, simply use these patterns as a template - change it, rebuild it and turn it into your own dream designs.


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